Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is my first attempt at blogging on a consistent basis. I don't know how well maintained this thing will be, as I am working on a Biomedical Science degree and I don't have a lot of time set aside to jot down sparkling witticisms and scathing pop culture commentary, but I will do my best. The title of this blog is indicative of my inability to comment on virtually anything if I'm not under the influence. Maybe it's because of some lingering, juvenile insecurity... the fear that anything I produce and put out there will be scrutinized and obliterated. I guess its time to grow up. This blog is a step towards self-actualization. I'm pretty sure that Maslow's hierarchical theory of needs requires another level, above sexual intimacy and below self-esteem, requiring the establishment of a blog. That being said, Jameson is on sale at Safeway this week, and that's the ticket to lubricated diatribes. Blog city, here I come.

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