Monday, November 1, 2010

Today I went to my favorite breakfast-gettin' place in Flagstaff. Bellavia. They have the best damn eggs benedict I've ever had.   A toasted bagel topped with salmon cream cheese, topped with eggs, topped with hollandaise. I still don't know what hollandaise sauce is but that may be a result of willful ignorance. The point is, these eggs were fantastic. Inspirational. Transcendental. I'm not trying to sensationalize something so trivial, but my day was off to great start. I mean really, it was. I had a good swim work out an our before, and in the time succeeding I'd written an insulting, consequently alienating email to my biology lab instructor. Addressing the latter, I missed lab last week and I didn't like that my instructor barred me from making up missed work. I tried to convince her that she was wrong to deny me, and in so doing I believe I may have shown my assholish colors. She hasn't issued a rebut yet, but I presume it will be in the form of an apology, and she will probably award me full credit for missed work. Or more than likely, I will receive no response and I will only have managed to piss off another person in the biology department, ultimately securing myself a grade of 'Fuck.' 

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